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    180 Counseling Services is a state licensed treatment center with several locations throughout the region. Our goal is to provide individuals with hope for a betterin tomorrow by assisting them in making positive changes today. Our mission is to provide quality and affordable services to those in need.


    Alcohol & Drug Assessments

    Anger Management Assessments/Programs

    Batterers Intervention/Domestic Violence Offender Treatment (BIP/DVOT)

    Casey's Law Evaluations

    Couples Counseling

    Drug & Alcohol Testing (16 panel drug screens and Alcohol ETG tests)

    DUI Programs (we offer every program to satisfy all DUI convictions)

    Employment Assistance Programs (EAP)

    Family therapy

    Group thearpy

    Individual Counseling

    Intensive Outpatient Treatment


    Lifeskills Education

    Marijuana Education

    Marriage Counseling/Therapy

    Mental Health Evaluations

    Parenting Programs

    Probation & Parole Services


    Resume workshops

    • We are willing to travel when needed to deliver some services (please call to inquire)
  • Program Descriptions

    We can help you get going in the right direction.

    20 Hour Education

    The 20 hour Prime For Life Driving Unimpaired program is the only state approved education course for those convicted of a DUI 1st offense. Admittance to the program is contingent on the results of a substance abuse evaluation. It is considered an accelerated program and participants will complete the program within two weeks of enrollment. In our professional opinion, this course should be taught in middle and high schools which is why anyone may attend the program. Therefore, admittance is not limited to those convicted of a DUI offense.

    Outpatient Alcohol & Drug Treatment

    Outpatient treatment is delivered in either an individual or group setting or a combination of both. Group sessions are 90 minutes in length. Individual sessions are 45-60 minutes. Treatment plan reviews will be conducted at varying times throughout treatment to monitor progress and make any adjustments as needed.

    Marijuana Education

    ​This program is delivered in one 4 hour session. Due to the amount of information that will be covered, participants are encouraged to bring a notebook (not required). A pre-test and post-test will be administered to all participants. Completion of this course results in dismissal or expungements of marijuana possession or paraphernalia charges/convictions in most jurisdictions.

    Parenting Programs

    We offer a variety of evidence based parenting programs. These programs are open to anyone who wishes to enhance their parenting skills and those that are court ordered to complete a parenting program. A pre-test and post-test will be given to all participants. A few of the topics participants can expect to learn are: developmental/cognitive stages, conflict resolution, coping skills, purpose of punishment, how to reward your child, communication skills, styles of parenting, control vs. influence, winning cooperation, responsibility & discipline, problem solving, courage & redirecting behavior, drugs sexuality & violence (assessing and reducing risks with prevention strategies), and how to heal the parent child relationship after abuse or neglect.


    Probation & Parole

    We work extensively with people involved in the criminal justice system. Our probation & parole program is an intensive program that is delivered on an outpatient or intensive outpatient basis based on the needs of the individual. Each probation and parole referral will also work individually with a therapist throughout their treatment. Areas of focus are relapse prevention, relapse warning signs and triggers, errors in thinking and criminal thinking. We also offer life skills training along with interview skills and resume writing workshops. Admission to this program is limited and requires a referral from a probation/parole officer and/or social service clinician. We have several group times for this program, including days, evenings and weekends.

    Anger Management Program

    Learning to recognize and express anger appropriately for adaptive purposes can be life transforming. The Anger Management program we provide is designed to help you recognize the various experiences in your life in which anger shows up and produces unpleasant and undesired outcomes. As you learn to gain control over your experience of anger, you will gain more control over yourself, behaviors, feelings and emotions and help achieve the outcomes you want most. The program is delivered by nationally certified anger management providers and will satisfy any court order for anger management . Each participant will receive a workbook during their first session that will be used for the remainder of the course. This program is open to anyone in need of anger management.

    If you have been court ordered to attend (BIP) Batterers Intervention Program, this course will not satisfy the BIP requirement but we do offer the BIP program which is commonly referred to as DVOT (domestic violence offenders treatment).

    Casey's Law Evaluations

    Casey's Law in a legal intervention that friends or family members of someone addicted to drugs including alcohol can petition the court to have their loved one involuntarily committed to substance abuse treatment. If you have someone that is stuck in the grip of addiction and is unwilling to seek help on their own, this is the best possible intervention to help save the life of your loved one. Two evaluations are required for this process. We will have an onsite addictions counselor complete one and refer you to a licensed physician or psychiatrist for the remaining evaluation. We are also willing to travel to complete the evaluation and have onsite notaries at each of our offices to notarize all necessary documents. We will help guide and assist you throughout the entire process and pride ourselves on the fact that every evaluation we have completed has resulted in the person being placed in treatment. The Jefferson County Attorneys Office has used copies of our evaluations to train providers statewide. We use a sliding fee scale with a maximum cost of $60 to perform a Casey's Law evaluation. In addition, once we perform the evaluation, we offer all future services at no cost for the individual and loved ones including: individual and family therapy. We have found it very helpful once the person is placed in treatment for the loved ones to be educated on the disease of addiction along with what to expect throughout the individuals recovery. For more information, please contact any of our offices.


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